Based in Peterhead Aberdeenshire, we specialise upon delivering bespoke aerial imaging and videography services. From media production, business advertising, survey and inspection, we will tailor a package to meet your needs.

We work closely with industry professionals ranging from inspection engineers, archeologists, surveyors, professional film crews and photographers. This allows us the flexibility to cover a wide range of services with a team you can rely on – making us the Aberdeen drone company of choice.

All our footage from our unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)  and ground cameras is taken using high quality stabilised 4k imaging. As well as professional cameras,  we can configure our drones with a number of sensors and tools to suite your project requirements.

  “the sky’s no limit”


MPROV was started in 2015 after accumulating 20 years of industry experience, to develop a remotely operated aerial vehicle service (UAV / Drones ). over 20 years experience in Mechanical Engineering, Maintenance, Production Operations and Subsea UAV / Dronesthroughout the world for major Oil, Gas and Energy companies

Time Savers

Using qualified CAA approved Pilots to fly Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicles (Drones) fitted with 4k Ultra HD camera’s mounted on a stabilised gimbal, we can quickly carry out visual documentation and inspection of your assets without the need for shut downs, scaffold, rope access teams or helicopters.

Live Feeds

Live video feeds of the aerial work can be arranged which would allow client input and direction during the flight to highlight any areas that may require further investigation. Not only does this provide more accurate documentation of potential problem areas it also allows us to capture more footage at your request while maximising the efficiency of the flight.

Need it Quick?

Certified for working both on and offshore we can mobilise on site at short notice. Our equipment is compact enough that it can be easily transported by car or even checked in as hold luggage.



We, at Mprov aerial imaging and videography services are trained professionals in our chosen field. Having been engaged by major corporate entities and government bodies together with local and national companies our attention to detail and professional approach has been complimented and endorsed many times. Being based in Aberdeenshire we feel our aerial filming and videography services are part of the local fabric. We understand the landscape and environment thus leaving us in an enviable position of offering 100% local knowledge to best advantage the needs of our clients.

With over 20 years experience in Mechanical Engineering, Maintenance, Production Operations, Subsea Rov’s and UAV’s / Drones, throughout the world for major Oil, Gas and Energy companies, we are in a position where we can quickly understand and focus on the key areas of interest in order to provide the visual documentation you require.

If you are looking for aerial imaging, videography or project support then we at MPROV are the industry experts you are looking for. Each image taken from air or ground level has the option of being added to our online shopping experience. All our images are available in different sizes, with our without frames – leaving MPROV as the aerial imaging and videography business of choice – with MRPOV “the sky’s no limit