Aerial imaging and videography services

Project & Event Media Coverage

Cover your event from the ground up. We have 4k stabilised ground cameras as well as 4k ultra HD cameras for our Aerial work.

We will provide a fully produced video of your project or event.

If you prefer we, can provide the raw images and video for in house editing and we can even hire out top of the range stabilised gimbals with RAW video recording.

This is on a daily basis for the experianced videographer.

Aerial Survey

Our remote aerial platforms are ideal for surveying hard to access structures. We capture high resolution stills and 4K video for the surveyor to study and assess the situation without the initial cost of scaffold and work platforms.

We can also provide a full aerial survey spread with measurable accuracy for land, building and structure mapping. 

Environmental Monitoring

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are quickly leading the market in becoming an essential tool for environmental and erosion monitoring due to the geo referenced data and orthomosaic surveys which can accurately be used for future comparison and recordables.

Property Photography

Why not treat your home to a photoshoot?
You will be amazed at the quality of the pictures we will create for your property or you dont pay a penny.
We spend the time to make sure our photographs are the best value for money and will also edit out any undesirable areas if required.
Not only is this a great service as a keepsake of your home, its also one of the best pictures you can use when it comes to selling your home and making it stand out above the rest.

Media Production ROV’s 

What do we do?

We supply cost effective aerial and ground imaging for visual documentation, survey and media productions using our Remotely Operarated aerial and ground imaging Vehicles and cameras.

With over 20 years experience in Mechanical Engineering, Maintenance, Production and Subsea ROV’s throughout the world for major Oil, Gas and Energy companies, we are in a position where we can quickly understand and focus on the key areas of interest in order to provide the visual documentation you require.